Winter ear in Finnish

Winter ear in Finnish

Winter ear in Finnish


Potatoes — 4 pcs.
Leeks — 1 pc.
Cream — 200 ml
Butter — 30 g
Lemon — 0,5 pcs.
Red fish fillet — 300 g
Bones of fish — 300 g


1. To prepare this wonderful dish, any red fish (ideally, of course, salmon) will do. If everything is correctly cooked and put the right ingredients in the required volume, it will not just be delicious, but deliciously delicious!

2. First of all, you need to prepare 2 liters of broth from the fish bones (bring to a boil and boil on the fire for 5 minutes, then remove the bones). And leave the broth on the stove on the slowest heat.

3. Peel potatoes, cut into cubes and add to fish broth on the stove.

4. Leeks should be very finely chopped. And without frying, add it to the soup.

5. Next, still cook for 5 minutes (you need to make the fire a little stronger).

6. And we can assume that the ear is ready. It remains to put butter in the ear, salt and pepper.

7. However, it is necessary to perform a number of culinary operations. In particular, remove the ear from the plate and lightly cool.

8. Then, with a submerged blender, twist the ear to the consistency that you like.

9. After this, pour the resulting mashed potatoes into the pan in which the ear was cooked before. Heat.

10. And put the red fish fillet, cut into large pieces. Cook for no more than two minutes! And then the fish will digest and lose its juiciness.

11. Now everything is ready! It remains to chop the green mix (dill, parsley).

12. Spill your ear in Finnish in deep dishes, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs and sprinkle with lemon juice (to make it easier to squeeze, lemon before cutting in half and use, you need to roll on a wooden board, tightening more tightly).

Bon Appetit!

Winter ear in Finnish

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