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Spicy tea latte

Spicy tea latte

This delicious sweet drink with subtle notes of cinnamon and cardamom is adored all over the world. A dash of ginger and nutmeg will add even more warming effect. Ingredients: 2 glasses of black tea 2.5 cups milk 1-2 tbsp. Sahara 1/4 tsp carnation 1/4 tsp dry ginger 2 pcs. cardamom a pinch of nutmeg

Cold peach tea

Cold peach tea Ingredients: fresh or canned peaches — 10 units. peach juice — 500 ml Sugar — to taste tea leaves — 2-3 tablespoons water — 1 liter Preparation:

Lemonade of green tea

Lemonade of green tea Ingredients: Lemons — 3 pieces. Green tea — 1/2 cup water mint Preparation: Pour the tea into the pitcher, to squeeze the lemon juice, add the mint leaves and water.

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