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Burfi — Indian sweetness

Burfi - Indian sweetness

Burfi — Indian sweetness Indian sweetness — burfi, is a milk sweet with the addition of nuts and coconut shavings. The recipe for burfi can also include dried apricots, raisins, dried bananas. Preparing the burfi does not take long, and a ready-made dessert will please adults and children with a delicate and exquisite taste.



Granola Ingredients: Oatmeal flakes — 0.5 cups Nuts (mixture: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) — 2 tbsp. Dried fruits (any dried fruits on taste) — 1 tbsp. Seeds (sunflower, or any of the tastes) — 2 tsp. Honey (for taste) — 2 tbsp. Yogurt (can be yogurt or milk) — 0.5 cups

Salad «Sherlock»

Salad «Sherlock» Fried onion gives this recipe a special note. And the name of this salad speaks for itself — he is ready to forgive, «Elementary, Watson!» Ingredients: — 250g boiled chicken; — 200g pickled mushrooms; — 4 boiled eggs; — 1 onion; — 80g shelled walnuts; — 200g of mayonnaise; — Salt, pepper, vegetable […]

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