Summer cake «Tropicana»

Summer cake «Tropicana»



— 1 cup water
— 1 cup flour
— 100 g butter
— 4 eggs
— a pinch of salt
Of this amount, the test I got 3 cakes the size of 25 x 18 cm.


-yaytsa — 2 pcs.
-sahar — 150 g
starch — 5 tbsp
-moloko — 350 ml
-slivochnoe oil — 300 g (room temperature)
-vanilny sugar — 1 package


1. The main thing — on paper to draw the contours of the future of the cake to all cakes we had the same size. I have a 25 x 18 cm.
2. Choux pastry first lay out the contour. A nozzle with a round hole.
3. Next, the strips along. Then the strips crosswise.
4. Bake in a preheated 200C oven until browning
5. Next cake done differently: the second strip must be oblique.
I made 4 cakes.

6. You can put fruit in the holes between the strips and spread on top of the cream. But I was more comfortable on the contrary — first smear cream, then top with sliced ​​fruit. I had cherries, bananas and peaches.
And I was laying on top Korzh, pressed …
… Smeared cream …
7. At the top fruit cake I have not laid out and decorated with white Santhi.
A top with fruit (pears, peaches, bananas and cherries)
8. Fill the cake for me was not.
Therefore, I have it no fill.
9. Refrigerate for impregnation and pour cream.

I also want to add that flavor is very dependent on the fruit.

Bon Appetit!

Summer cake "Tropicanka"


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