Strawberry mousse

Strawberry mousse


(4-6 portions)

450 g strawberries
300 ml whipping cream (33%)
15 g of gelatin
75 g sugar (more or less to taste, depending on the sweetness strawberry)
whole berries and mint leaves for decoration


Gelatine soaked in Article 5. l. Cold water.

My strawberries, were dried and pulverized in a blender to puree. Add sugar to taste.

The swollen gelatin is put on a little fire and bring to a solution (do not let it boil!). A little cool and add in small portions to a strawberry puree, mix well.

Just lay off 4 tbsp. l. puree in a separate bowl.

Beat the cream into stable foam.

Adding to these, two tablespoons strawberry mixture and gently moves from the bottom up, stir. Then add the rest of the puree and stir gently just until smooth.

Spread mousse on ice-cream bowls, top each put a spoonful of mashed potatoes. With long sticks on the surface do divorces.

Put in refrigerator to complete solidification, a couple of hours or overnight. When serving decorate with a sprig of mint.

Bon Appetit!

Strawberry mousse

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