Sponge cake «Sacher»

Sponge cake Sacher

Sponge cake «Sacher»


Eggs — 6 pcs.
Chocolate — 90 g
Butter (room temperature) — 90 g
Sugar — 120 g (in addition to oil) + 30 g (in egg whites)
Flour — 90 g
Vanilla sugar — 1 package
Apricot jam — to taste (200 g)
For the glaze:
Water — 50 g
Sugar — 120 g
Dark chocolate — 100 g


Please note that the cake is small, only 17 cm in diameter. If you want to make the cake more, a standard shape with a diameter of 23 cm, you need, respectively, to increase the amount of the ingredients: 10 eggs, 150 g of chocolate, 150 g butter, 150 g of flour, 200 g sugar oil + 50 g of sugar into proteins 2 sachets of vanilla sugar.

Classic Viennese pastry — chocolate sponge cake with a layer of apricot jam, sprinkled with icing. The recipe for the cake, which is said to have created the Austrian confectioner Franz Sacher in 1832, is a closely guarded secret. But there are plenty of recipes, trying to replicate the original recipe cake «Sacher». Here is one of them …

1. The chocolate melted in a water bath.
2. Eggs are divided into whites and yolks.
3. Beat the softened butter and sugar with a mixer.
4. One at a time to enter into the oil yolks, still whisking mass at low speed.
5. mixed in the mass of melted chocolate and mix.
6. Proteins beat well, adding portions of sugar.
7. Sift the flour. Turn on the oven — warm up to 170 degrees.
8. The chocolate mass add half proteins and stir with a spoon (not mixer!).
9. Then add the flour and gently stir with a spoon, so that the dough is not very settled (settled little anyway). Add the remaining half of the protein and mix.
10. The form of paving the parchment and put the dough in it. Bake the cake «Sacher» from 35 to 60 minutes at 170 degrees, the time depends primarily on the oven. Ready to test a wooden stick — it should be dry.
11. To prepare the glaze will need dark chocolate, sugar and water for the cake «Sacher».
12. Boil syrup of water and sugar, add the chocolate chips, stirring occasionally. You can add a drop of rum and one or two tablespoons of cream. The finished glaze remove from heat.
13. Ready cake cool and cut horizontally into two identical cakes. Biscuit can be reversed, so that the lower surface of the top cake was then top will be more even. Lower the cake grease with apricot jam 2-3 times.
14. The top and sides of cake, too lubricated, but rubbed through a sieve jam.
15. Pour the icing on the cake portions and flatten with a spatula, driving the icing on the cake sides and trying to make the surface absolutely smooth as possible.
16. Decorate the cake «Sacher» is not necessary. It is possible to write something chocolate.

Bon Appetit!

Sponge cake Sacher

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