Soup Vichyssoise

Soup Vichyssoise


Fennel — 1 pc.
Leek 1 pc.
Potatoes — 2 pcs.
Cream ~ 20% — 200 ml
Butter — 30 g
Water is simple — 500 ml

This soup is known author — Louis The Diet, the chef of the hotel «Ritz Carlton» in New York, but probably because of the huge popularity of soup there was plenty of options for making this soup.


Someone calls the onion soup, because leeks — an indispensable component of it. Someone says something vichyssoise — potato soup, because the second will be a mandatory component of the potatoes.

Soup in the original recipe cooked on chicken broth. But since it is served cold, it can be prepared in water or vegetable broth. Interestingly, this soup is too hot serving.

Fennel — not necessarily an ingredient, the soup can be prepared without it. And you can add to the recipe stalk celery. It turns out that the soup «vichyssoise» (named after the French spa town of Vichy) — a very diverse and varied.

The French and the Americans are still debating how to carry this soup kitchen — a recipe created by a native of France, but in America.

1. Structure of fennel is sufficiently dense, more dense than the leek much. Therefore, cutting the root into cubes, I lightly fried it in butter in a saucepan tolstodonnoy, which then cooked soup. Fennel should not to roast, stew soon, so poured a little water.

2. Cut the green part of onions, white — and along the semicircles. Then put in a pan, fry a couple of minutes it in butter. The smell of fennel mixed with the smell of leek.
I added water and chopped potatoes. Vegetables were just covered with water.
Brewed all potatoes until tender, then he stepped in a blender. I add the cream and stir everything. From spices suitable salt, pepper (best white), a pinch of nutmeg. Now it is necessary to cool the soup.

3. Served soup cold, you can put in a bowl crushed ice. For soup served salad — cucumbers with green onions, shrimp with fennel.

Bon Appetit!

Soup Vichyssoise

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