Scallops with choriso

Scallops with choriso


Choriso (or other smoked sausage and a lot of red paprika) — 100 g
Scallops — 400 g
Lemon juice — 100 ml
Parsley finely chopped — 4 tablespoons


1. Cut a very thin choriso slices, about 3 mm thick.
2. On a dry, well-heated frying pan fry choriso circles on both sides, no more than 2 minutes.
3. Remove the sausages from the pan, and the oil, which was formed in the pan, fry for a minute on each side prepared scallops.
4. Return choriso the pan, add the lemon juice and soak in the heat for a few minutes.
5. Sprinkle the finished dish with parsley.

Bon Appetit!

Scallops with choriso

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