Salad with herring «Christmas Candle»

Salad with herring «Christmas Candle»


Rye bread — 6 slices
Beets (small) — 150 g
Lemon — 1/4 pcs.
Mayonnaise Olive — 6 tbsp
Salt and sugar (to taste)
Coriander (ground, a whisper)
Fillet of salted herring — 1 pc.
Gelatin — 1.5 tsp
Water for soaking the gelatin — 70 ml


1. Boil the beets, peel, cut into small pieces. Soak the gelatin in cold water.
Since beets much paint hands, I put on the gloves.
2. Put the beets in a blender, add the mayonnaise, a little salt, sprinkle with ground coriander and ground to a pulp.
3. Pour lemon juice and try the beet puree tastes. It should be a pleasant sweet-sour taste. Gelatin to warm (not boiling!) And pour in the sauce. Again, turn the blender and blend to a smooth soft mass.
4. beet puree should thicken slightly before you spread it on bread. And you at this time is cut round bars of rye bread.
5. Place the bread slices lightly salted herring fillets.
6. If you have a high metal rings for dessert — wonderful! Cut them grain harvesting and and leave — and then fill in the mousse. If not — no problem! Office files to help you. Fasten the joints with duct tape or a stapler.

Put the bread in the form bottoms and fill beetroot mousse. Take in the cold for an hour. If you are planning to submit the next day, remove the ring for desserts just before serving, otherwise the edge of mousse zavetryatsya and darken. You can grease the top with a thin layer of vegetable oil. My «cheesecake» stood hours in the refrigerator before the photo shoot and, as you see, have a fresh and cheerful look.
Before serving, garnish with «Christmas candles» slices of lemon and herbs.

Bon Appetit!

Salad with herring "Christmas Candle"

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