Salad with croutons

Salad with croutons


crunches — 150g
cabbage — 300 -350 gr
pickled cucumbers — 150 g
Corn — 200g
mayonnaise — 2-3 tablespoons


How good a salad with crackers? Fast? Yes! Cheap? Yes! Delicious? Sure!

All ingredients are unclear weight. Mark your opinion and taste. What do you like more — and then add more. The first — chop cabbage, thin and «beautiful.» Now a great number of special graters, but can be cut with a knife.

Similarly, cut pickles into small pieces. You can also add fresh (if they have a season).

Take 150 grams of crackers. It is better if they are cooked at home by yourself. The salad with croutons, very good spicy croutons (with some taste).

Mix all the ingredients: cabbage, pickles, crackers and corn.

Bon Appetit!

Salad with croutons

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