Salad «Sunflower»

Salad «Sunflower»


chicken breast — 300 g
mushrooms — 300 g
eggs — 7 pieces
Cheese — 150 g
olives — 1/2 units (half a tin, pitted)
chips — 1 Each
mayonnaise — 1 Each


1. Mix the pieces of chicken breast with mayonnaise — it will be the first layer of our lettuce.

2. Then spread mushrooms and onions, dressed with mayonnaise.

3. The next layer of grated salad spread a coarse grater boiled eggs. Again, a layer of grease with mayonnaise.

4. The fourth layer — grated on a fine cheese grater.

5. Nice place olives at the top of the salad.

6. Prior to the submission put the salad in the refrigerator. Before serving decorate sunflower chips.

Bon Appetit!

Salad "Sunflower"

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