Salad «My yummy»

Salad «My yummy»


— 200 grams of mushrooms
— 150 g smoked chicken
— 80 g Korean carrot
— 80 g of prunes
— 150 g of fresh cucumbers
— 150 ml mayonnaise
— vegetable oil
— Pepper, salt, herbs


This salad is laid in layers in a special form, but if not, then you can cut a cylinder out of the ordinary tin cans or plastic bottles.

Take a flat dish and set on a form that must be oiled so that you can easily remove it.

At the bottom of the form to lay the first layer — sliced ​​chicken, fluff with mayonnaise.

The second layer of shredded prunes, also with mayonnaise.

And so we spread all the layers one by one — pre-sliced ​​and fried mushrooms, then finely diced cucumbers, and the top layer of the Korean carrot. All layers must also be promazyvat mayonnaise.

When all the layers will be laid out, gently remove the mold. Garnish salad ready at their own discretion, place in refrigerator for half an hour, so he soaked and chilled.

Bon Appetit!

Salad "My yummy"

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