Raffaello recipe at home

Raffaello recipe at home


coconut — 250 g
condensed milk — 200 g
almonds — 100 g


The concept is simple, so this dessert will take you about 15 minutes of power.

Emptying into a deep bowl of coconut and pour back the condensed milk.

Mix well. It was such a sweet paste. Let it stand for at least 1 hour, and if possible, even more.

Traditionally made with almond Rafaello, but you can use any nuts. In general, you can put candy inside and dried apricots and prunes, someone like that.

Prepare for molded candy. Mound coconut in a separate bowl, prepare the capacity for finished candy and take just a sweet mass and nuts.

From sweet mush hands to make a cake in the middle of the nut, and lay me, squeezing his hand, to get the ball.

A little tweak it, to form flat and can be run in a dry coconut

Done! Light, sweet home Raffaello will be a great romantic table decoration.

Bon Appetit!

Raffaello recipe at home

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