Potato «zrazy» with chicken

Potato «zrazy» with chicken

Zrazy — a cutlet or rolls with filling, common in the countries of Eastern Europe.


400-500 grams of chicken,
5-6 potatoes,
150 grams of cheese,
seasoning for chicken,
2 eggs for breading,
sunflower oil for frying.


You can boil the chicken, if you roast the enemy, but in this embodiment, tastier chicken fry small pieces with the addition of spices: salt, pepper, curry, dried herbs.

Potatoes I decoctions cleaned in salt water, cooled and rubbed on a grater, add to it grated cheese and chopped fennel, all mixed. Potatoes have enough starch, so sticky without any additives, but sometimes you need to add a spoonful of potato starch ready.

The same can be done with the mashed potatoes, add the egg do not recommend, it can not save from razvalivanie «zrazy» in the pan, but holds firmly starch and taste by adding it does not suffer.

Getting sculpt «zrazy» I do right at the palm, take a spoonful of potatoes, I knead the palm, put stuffing and sculpt a round patty.

This time I decided to make a crispy batter so prepared beaten eggs and flour. Each cake dipped in egg, then roll in flour.

It remains to fry to a crispy golden on both sides.

These zrazy well with fresh or canned vegetables and herbs, and can be cooked a variety of sauces, in general, it would be the idea, and the idea would be.

Bon Appetit!

Potato "zrazy" with chicken

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