Pie with meat and cheese «Sunflower»

Pie with meat and cheese «Sunflower»


flour — 400 g
Milk — 100 ml
egg — 1 pc
salt — 1/2 tsp.
sugar — 1 tbsp. spoon
butter — 50g
dry yeast — 2 tsp.
any beef (my chicken) — 250 g
onions — 1 pc
salt, spices — to taste
Vegetable oil — for frying
hard cheese — 100 g
egg yolk — for greasing
poppy — for sprinkling
greens — to taste
Garlic — 1-2 cloves


The bread maker to pour a bucket of warm milk. Add the softened butter and egg. Top Pour the sifted flour. In the corners to place the salt, sugar. Make a recess in the middle and pour the yeast.

If the instructions for your bread maker said that products need to be loaded in a different order — and I do.
The shape of the products placed in the bread machine and set the mode to «test» (I 1 hr. 30 min.). The dough becomes quite dense.
Divide the dough into 2 parts. Every — roll out into a circle about 1 cm thick. With the cover off the edges to both circles have the same diameter. Bowls, a smaller diameter than the blank test schedule in the middle of a circle — for the filling.
Beforehand you need to cook the stuffing: in a pan with vegetable oil fry finely chopped onion until golden. Add mince and fry all together until ready. At the end of cooking add the chopped garlic. Season with salt and sprinkle with herbs. You can add a little chopped greens.
Add minced 1/2 tsp flour, mix and pour a little water — so the stuffing will not be ready to crumble cake. Stuffing cool.
Circle test, which charted place on a baking sheet, the laid parchment. In the lower middle of a scheduled round of dough gently put the stuffing of minced meat. On the edge of lay grated cheese.
Cover with a second round of dough and also highlight the middle of a bowl — it must be convex. With a sharp knife to make cuts on the edge of the midway at a distance of 3-4 cm.
Each tab (see. Photo) turn up zaschipnuv bottom and sides of the petal. A top slightly open.
So make all the petals.
Pie grease with egg yolk and sprinkle with poppy seeds midway.
Bake the pie in a preheated 180 degree oven 25-35 minutes (until golden color).
Ready cake cool slightly on a wire rack and serve at the table!

Bon Appetit!

Pie with meat and cheese "Sunflower"

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