Pepper, marinated in a special way

Pepper, marinated in a special way


— 5 kg of red fleshy peppers

For the marinade:

— 1 L of water
— 1.5 cups of vegetable oil
— 2 tbsp 70% vinegar
— 1.5 cups sugar
— 0.5 cups of salt
— Garlic, parsley


I do pepper to this recipe for a few years, all very much. Especially tasty winter use it for sandwiches.
And just like that, as a salty side dish or to decorate dishes. In general, the universal blank.

— Pepper cut in half lengthwise,
— Omit the boiling marinade, cook 2 minutes flat
— Throw in the marinade parsley and crushed garlic, bring to a boil (it’s about a minute)
— Expanded in jars, pour marinade peppers in jars and lids roll up scalded.

Bon Appetit!

Pepper, marinated in a special way

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