Meatloaf a delicious sauce

Meatloaf a delicious sauce

Meatloaf a delicious sauce


Unsalted butter — 1 tablespoon. (For greasing the pan)
Lean beef — 900 g
Rusk — 1/2 cup
Tomato sauce — 1/2 cup
Sea salt — 1 1/2 teaspoons
Black pepper — to taste (freshly ground)
Egg — 1 pc.
Yellow onions (coarsely grated) — 1 pc.
Reddish potatoes — 1 pc. (grated)

For a delicious sauce:

Tomato sauce 1/2 cup.
Prepared mustard — 2 tablespoons.
Dark brown sugar — 2 tbsp
Plain white vinegar — 2 tablespoons.


As the name implies, this meatloaf a delicious sauce is amazing combination: this tasty dish that is prepared quickly and easily. The total time required for this dish is 1 hour 50 minutes. Said in this recipe, the number of ingredients designed for about 8 people.

1. Preheat oven to 230 degrees Celsius.
2. Grease the bottom of a 20 x 30-cm baking tray with butter.

To roll:
1. Meat, pepper, egg, breadcrumbs, sea salt, tomato sauce, potatoes and onions, mix together in a deep dish.
2. Give the meat mixture form a loaf of bread.
3. Place the roll in the center of the pan.

For a delicious sauce:
1. First, prepare a medium bowl.
2. vinegar, tomato sauce, sugar and mustard mix together in the middle bowl.
3. Roll bake for 15 minutes until lightly browned.
4. Remove from the oven.
5. The next step: pour two thirds of the sauce on top.
6. turn down the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius.
7. Bake for 75 minutes.
8. loaf water the remaining sauce every 10 minutes.
9. Started roll, remove from the pan.
10. Cut into pieces and serve.

Bon Appetit!

Meatloaf a delicious sauce

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