Meat and cheese, baked in foil

Meat and cheese, baked in foil


— 300 grams of meat (veal)
— 100 g sour cream
— Salt, pepper and spices — to taste
— 200 g of cheese
— Spices


Take the meat. It is better to use the meat in foil for baking low-fat varieties. For example, beef is too hard, pork — greasy, but the veal — a good option. You can use rabbit or turkey in this recipe. Meat should be cut into small layers.

Now, each layer must be well discourage special hammer to frying the meat was tender and soft.

Now we must take the foil and cut it into pieces, put in that each layer of meat batted. Take one piece of meat, and place it on a separate piece of foil.

Good salt meat, and can be on both sides. Then lubricate the upper layer of sour cream.

Sprinkle the meat with spices and herbs.
Hard cheese is necessary to grate and sprinkle with sour cream on a greased piece of meat.

Now carefully wrap it in foil the meat on all sides, so that in the process of cooking the juice flowed. With all the other pieces, proceed as described above.
Bake in the oven for about an hour.

Five minutes before you turn off the oven, it is necessary to get the form and disclose all the pieces of foil, and then put the meat in foil in the oven. This is to ensure that the meat has become more attractive, namely, that the cheese a little fried. Since when the foil is closed, stew meat and cheese is melted.
Turn off the light and lay out the meat from the foil to the plate. Decorated with greenery.

Bon Appetit!

Meat and cheese, baked in foil

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