Marinated Herring

Marinated Herring


herring — 2 pcs.
onions — 1-2 large,
Apple vinegar — 5 tablespoons,
salt — 2 tsp
Sugar — 0.5 tsp,
Water — 1 cup,
pepper — 10 pcs.,
a pinch of coriander seeds.


First, prepare a marinade — is added to water the sugar, salt, apple cider vinegar and a little hot (do not boil) until the dissolution of the ingredients in it.

While the marinade cools, clean the herring and cut into pieces, and cut onion rings. Take a jar and put in it a herring, adding alternately stacking as onions, bell pepper and coriander.

Fill it has cooled down the marinade, cover with a lid and put on a night somewhere far away. A day delicious marinated herring is ready.

Bon Appetit!

Marinated Herring

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