Ice cream popsicle

Ice cream popsicle


(4 x 150 ml)

300 ml of milk 3.2%
250 g cream 35%
35 g of milk powder
90g sugar
10 g of corn starch
1 packet of vanilla sugar


Mix in a saucepan the sugar, vanilla sugar and milk powder. Slowly pour 250 ml of milk, stirring. The remaining 50 ml of milk, mix with starch. Milk mixture in saucepan, bring to a boil, pour in the starch and stir until thick. Remove from heat, pour through a sieve into a small bowl, cover with foil and cool.

Whipping cream and milk mixture should be cold! Cream whisk until soft peaks form. Important! Theoretically, the home ice cream maker and industrial freezer mixture is whipped into the freezing process. But I noticed that if the pre-whipped cream, ice cream, you end up with a more gentle and lush.

Mix with milk jelly. Mix for ice cream in the ice cream maker freeze — should get a semi-thick mass. Spread mixture over the molds, quickly, that it did not faded. Tap the molds on the table to try to remove the air. Insert the wooden sticks.

Freeze in the freezer for several hours. Prepare the glaze. It should be a lot, so you can freely immerse the ice cream and it completely sank. For this I take 200g chocolate 200g butter. Molds doused with boiling water and carefully remove the ice cream.

Dip it in warm glaze as soon as possible, and taking out, hold in your hand until you fall asleep. To shift immediately in the freezer for baking paper. As podmerznet — you can wrap, and can be eaten.

Bon Appetit!

Ice cream popsicle

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