Honey cake with butter cream

Honey cake with butter cream


For honey biscuit (Form 20 cm. In diameter):

— 3 large eggs (room t)
— 100 g of sugar
— 100 g of honey
— 1 tsp soda
— 150 g flour

For syrup:

— 1 hour. L. honey dissolved in
— 100 ml of warm water, cool.

For the cream:

— 300 ml of cream fat content of 33-35% (beat with condensed milk)
— 300 g of condensed milk — until thick.


The eggs with the sugar (in a stationary mixer), beat in the lush white mass.
While whipping eggs, honey do: put in a pot of honey and baking soda, and with constant stirring (2 to 3 minutes) over medium heat we bring honey-soda mixture to a beautiful amber color.
Remove the saucepan from the stove (during this time the eggs with the sugar already well whipped), and interfere with the hot honey (one spoonful) into whipped eggs with the sugar, stirring constantly so the eggs are not curled.

In several stages, through a sieve, add the flour to the egg-honey mixture. Gently and quickly, folding movements (not to destroy the lightness of whipped eggs) mix the dough Spatula / whisk after each addition of flour.

It turns a light, airy dough, biscuit-like consistency.
The dough is immediately poured into molds, greased and scroll shape around its axis, so that the test was a small crater (then on the finished biscuit is not caps).

Send the form to the test in a preheated oven. Bake cake 40 minutes at t -160 «(guided by your oven). Check — dry toothpick. The cooled cake cut into three cakes. Each cake impregnate syrup and smeared with cream. On the top and sides of cake to put a cream and sprinkle the finished cake biscuit crumbs ( or decorate to your liking). You can give the cake to infuse in the refrigerator, you can eat at once.

Bon Appetit!

Honey cake with butter cream

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