Funchoza Korean

Funchoza Korean


— Vermicelli Funchoza — 145 g,
— Carrots — 100 g,
— Cucumbers — 145 g,
— Sweet peppers — 45 g,
— Garlic — 15 g,
— Green — 30 g,
— Dressing for Funchoza — 115 g


Funchoza pour boiling water for 5-7 min., Discard in a colander and rinse with cold boiled water. All vegetables, except for garlic and herbs, chop into fine strips, herbs and garlic finely chopped.

Shredded carrots to rub your hands until the juice. All products combine and mix well, then leave for 2 hours in the cold for infusion before serving again thoroughly.

Bon Appetit!

Funchoza Korean

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