Eggplant under fur

Eggplant under fur


2 eggplant
bacon slices
2-3 tomatoes
cheese (durum)
NOTHING salt !!!!!!!!!!


Eggplant wash, cut along the (thickness of a finger) .Obzharit in vegetable oil on both sides.
Cut the tomatoes into slices (I Balazhal were small, so even sliced ​​tomatoes in half circles) .Syr can simply cut plates, the same as I was baklazhany.U grated cheese, so this time to use it.
Now everything is laid layers:
Put a slice of eggplant, a little bit so that he was leaning on the wall of the dishes in which blyudo.Na’ll bake it puts a slice of bacon on it pomidorki.Zatem if you do not have the Shabby Man cheese, then stacked syra.Esli same piece of cheese shabby, it puts the next slice of eggplant (little overlaps on the first piece) .and so on until the end of the eggplant.
Then fall asleep all cheese in the oven (170 degrees)
Until golden brown.

Bon Appetit!

Eggplant under fur

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