Cream «Raffaello»

Cream «Raffaello»

Very tasty and tender coconut cream, it can be used for buttering scones for tea and cakes for smearing cake or eat pancakes with jam instead. In any case, you can lick your fingers!


Butter — 200 g
Condensed milk — 1 ban.
White Chocolate — 200 g
Chips of coconut — 75 g


1. To begin with, take the saucepan and pour it with water, put on fire and taking a smaller pan, put in the pan in a water bath, so it would not touch bottom of a boiling water. Now the pot crumble our bar of chocolate, cut the butter and stir it all up to complete dissolution.

2. Now take a bowl or pan, pour to our condensed milk and pour coconut. Gradually pour our chocolate — Shrove condensed milk mixture and stir everything with a mixer.

3. Pour into containers, if it is so, as I have for tea biscuits, and if the cake is allowed to cool for 30 minutes. smear and cakes. I he stiffened to a consistency of 4 hours in the refrigerator. The taste is very delicate coconut cream.

Bon Appetit!

Cream "Raffaello"

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