Courgettes in Korean

Courgettes in Korean

Courgettes in Korean


strong young zucchini — 2.5 kg
onions — 0.5 kg
carrots — 0.5 kg
sweet peppers — 5 medium
garlic — 200 g
different herbs (dill, cilantro, celery, parsley) — as you want

Ingredients for the marinade:

vegetable oil — 1 cup
Sugar — 1 cup
Vinegar 9% — 150 ml
salt — 2 tbsp
Seasoning for carrot in Korean — 2 packs


To prepare this dish, it is desirable to use only young zucchini. From the rind of

You do not need to be cleaned and, if you cut julienne zucchini, and other vegetables that are present in

this snack, cut into strips, too.
If you cut the zucchini slices, everything then also cut into slices. As it turns out more

It will be comfortable and beautiful, if you use a grater for carrots in Korean.

Necessarily, sliced ​​and mix all the vegetables, let them stand up to the marinade filled every

piece unique flavor of Korean cuisine.
Tasty and savory smelling spices and herbs will make your winter table much

appetizing. Even with such an ordinary potato zucchini in Korean will be very tasty.

1. Preparation of the marinade: simply mix all ingredients.
2. Zucchini and carrot rub on a grater for carrots in Korean or thin cut

3. The sweet peppers and onions cut, as you like.
4. The crushed garlic and finely chopped greens mix with all the vegetables.
5. Pre-cooked marinade fill our dish, stir again and give

brew for 3-4 hours.
6. After eitogo time snack decompose into clean dry jars and sterilize:

liter jars half-hour, half-liter — 15 minutes.
7. All. Canned banks, allow them to cool.
Store can squash in Korean in the pantry or in the cellar.

Bon Appetit!

Courgettes in Korean

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