Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma

(4 shawarma):

300 g chicken (half)
2 small tomatoes
1 cucumber
5 tbsp ketchup
2 cloves garlic
200g white cabbage
4 tbsp yogurt
1 small onion
Armenian lavash 1 package
oil for frying


1. Chicken fillet wash under running water and cut into small pieces.
2. Finely chop the onion and send it fried in a small amount of vegetable oil
3. When the onion becomes transparent, add to it slices of fillet, salt, pepper, stir and leave to grill.
4. Cabbage wash under water, thinly sliced ​​and piled in a bowl. Salt, pepper, stir, add a small amount of mayonnaise.
5. Cooked chicken with onions (she cooked very quickly — 5-7 minutes) is passed on to a clean plate.
6. Prepare the sauce. Take two small bowls. Extruded into a 5 tbsp ketchup and sypem tsp favorite seasonings (I hops-suneli).
We mixed well. In the second bowl pour 5 tablespoons yogurt, add mayonnaise (4 tablespoons) and squeezing the two garlic cloves. We mixed well.
7. Making cuts of tomatoes and cucumbers, cut them into thin slices and lay on a plate.
8. All the ingredients for a shawarma put together on the table, so it was convenient to them immediately spread.
9. Take a large cutting board, spread her half a sheet of lavash. Smear it well with two sauces, spread far to the right in a number of chicken (the best would be if the chicken on a plate divided into 4 pieces at once). Next to the chicken lay cabbage in a row. Top cabbage put tomatoes, cucumbers.
We turn off Shawarma ready so that one edge of the bend, so that the filling does not leak.
3 Make Shawarma remaining on the same principle.
10. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Shawarma Fry on both sides until golden brown. If the sauce left — put in the open part of shawarma spoon the sauce before serving.

Bon Appetit!

Chicken Shawarma

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