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Casserole pasta

Casserole pasta

Ingredients Rigatoni pasta — 200 g Chicken fillet — 450 g Onions — 1 pc. Bell pepper — 1 pc. Salt, black pepper, oregano to taste Tomato Sauce — 400 g Cottage cheese for cooking — 100 g Hard cheese, ham — 100 g each Greens — for decoration Vegetable oil — for frying

Spaghetti Milanese

Spaghetti Milanese

Spaghetti Milanese Ingredients: onion 1 piece Bundle of spaghetti, 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, 1/4 teaspoons of dried herbs, 200 grams of ham, 100 grams of mushrooms

Savory pasta, cooked in the oven

Savory pasta, cooked in the oven Pasta favorite dish for many. But even such a tasty dish can bother any gourmand. And what if the usual meal to cook on the new? This new dish with conventional products. Prepare pasta savory. Ingredients:

Fettuccine with tomato cream sauce

Fettuccine with tomato cream sauce Ingredients: Olive oil — 2 tbsp Butter — 2 tbsp Onions — 1 pc. Garlic — 4 cloves Any tomato sauce — 900 ml Salt and pepper — to taste Sugar — 1 pinch Fatty cream — 1 cup Grated Parmesan cheese or Romano Fresh basil, chopped Fettuccine — 1 […]

Spaghetti with creamy mushroom sauce

Spaghetti with creamy mushroom sauce Ingredients: (4 servings) 450 grams of cooked spaghetti or linguine (boiled directly in front of the serving) 750g mushrooms 225 ml low-fat cream 2 tbsp soy sauce 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1-2 cloves of garlic if desired

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