Cake «Puff log»

Cake «Puff log»

An original variation on the classic cake «Napoleon».


500 g Puff pastry,
350 g butter,
250 g of condensed milk,
1-2 tablespoons cognac.


1. The dough cut into strips having a width of 1-2 cm. Place strips on a baking sheet at a small distance from each other. Bake until bright browning at t 200-220 ° C.
2. Finished strip cool to room temperature. Three or four best-baked strips postpone cake decorating.
3. Butter room temperature in a mixer to whip, add the condensed milk and beat again.
4. Add the brandy and beat the third time. Pour the condensed milk.
5. On the table lay several overlapping segments food film. Assemble the cake, alternating layers of rods and cream. Remnants of cream smear the cake on all sides, wrap it in foil and tightly screw the ends of the film to the cake took the form log.
6. Remove at least in the refrigerator overnight. Deferred knead dough sticks to the state of crumbs.
7. Open foil and sprinkle the cake crumbs. Put the cake on a plate and put into the fridge to feed.

Useful tips:

The thinner strips are, the better and faster soaked cake.
Cut the dough easier to all round knife for pizza.
Cognac in a cream used to impart nutty flavor.
It is important that the cake was rolled very tight, otherwise it will be at the cutting crumble.
Crumb cake to force it down with warm hands. From the heat of the hands of the top layer of softened cream and crumbs pristanut well.

Bon Appetit!

Cake "Puff log"

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