Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad


— Chicken breast (fillet)
— Salad «Beijing»
— Cheese varieties to suit your taste
— Crackers
— Tomatoes (1-2 pieces).

For the sauce:

— Mayonnaise
— Garlic
— Greenery
— Lemon


Cooking chicken. Then according to your taste — you can just cook can already boiled, lightly fry until golden brown … Who else loves.

While the chicken is cooked, cut the cabbage into thin strips.

Cut tomato slices.

Cheese grate.

By this time the chicken to cook. Dismantle it into small pieces (along the grain).


In a blender grind the mayonnaise with a couple of cloves of garlic, herbs and a few drops of lemon until smooth. Try — someone loves more-less garlic or lemon.
All this can be done manually.

Caution: Do not refill the salad, we, we serve the sauce separately so that guests can pour salad at the plate. Since salad retain its original appearance, even during a long meal.

All right! Toss the salad is ready! Try.

Bon Appetit!

Caesar Salad

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