Buns «Roses» with cheese

Buns "Roses" with cheese

Buns «Roses» with cheese


Milk — 250 ml
Eggs (2 eggs into the dough, 1 egg in the stuffing) — 3 pcs
Sugar (100 g of dough in 100 g stuffing) — 200 g
Butter (or margarine) — 100 g
Flour (approx) — 600-700 g
Vanilla sugar (1 bag in the dough in one curd) — 2 packet.
Yeast (fresh or dried 2 tsp) — 25 g
Cottage cheese — 500 g
Raisins — 100-150 g
Lemon peel (if desired, the dough)
Salt (incomplete) — 1 tsp


First fill with raisins with boiling water.
Now we make the dough.
Podogreem milk, pour into a bowl. Add yeast to the milk, sugar and about half of the flour (preferably glass, so that the dough was not as thick).
Stir and put in a warm place to approach.

Prepare baking the dough:
Melt the butter, a little cool.
Add the oil eggs, sugar, vanillin, and salt. Mix well.
when the basic dough has risen, add to it and baking mix.
Gradually add the remaining flour and knead fairly stiff dough. We put it in a warm place to rise.

Prepare the filling:
The cottage (required room temperature), add egg, vanilla sugar, sugar (100 g) and raisins (drain the water through a sieve).
All stir well (if curd watery, add flour or semolina).
When the dough has risen, making it about 24 of the same ball, and leave them to lie down.
Cake roll out, do 3 cut so that part was a little bit different, a little more than one part of the other.
Put the filling in the middle.
One of the three parts (the smallest) is wrapped around the cheese and seal.
Then do the same with a piece more.
And last we wrap the largest portion of tortillas. Place bonding should be as low as possible at the bottom of rolls, or they will fall.
Putting a tight as possible, especially the last part.
«Rosette» is ready.
The egg yolk add a little milk. Stir and coat with bread rolls.
Bake at 180 * C until ready.

Bon Appetit!

Buns "Roses" with cheese

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