Baked potato with fish

Baked potato with fish

It turns crispy cheese crust is amazing! And the fish and potatoes in cream with herbs acquire gentle spicy taste! Fast, easy and delicious! The recipe for a cozy family dinner, everyone will be happy and satisfied.


— 5-6 potatoes
— 500 g of fish
— 2 tomatoes
— 1 large onion
— Cheese
— Greenery
— Cream


Many people are fasting, so the cream can be replaced with fish broth. And then the top layer instead of cheese, you can lay out the onion with paprika, will be no less delicious.

Potatoes cut into thinner slices, onion rings or half rings — whatever you like tomatoes can also be cut into rings or half rings, the fish into small pieces.

Three cheese on a grater, as usual, and cut into thin platelets — as a sandwich. Greens finely chop.

The cream add salt, pepper, can be any more spices for fish.

In the first form of spread a layer of potatoes, then onions, then fish.

Lightly season with salt, sprinkle with herbs and good lubricating cream (or pour — it all depends on the fat content of the cream). Then tomatoes — also lubricates cream.

The last layer — cheese! Cheese spread the plates so that they almost covered the entire surface. Remains neatly pour the cream around the edges.

Bake 25-30 minutes at a temperature of 200 — 220 degrees.

Bon Appetit!

Baked potato with fish

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