A layered samsa

A layered samsa



— 4 cup flour
— 1 egg
— 1 cup warm water
— 100 g butter
— 0.5 tsp salt


— Lamb
— Mutton fat
— Bow
— salt pepper
— Herbs: parsley, fennel (not)
— Can be any spices


1. In warm water, add egg, salt, butter (soft). All fork whipped slightly, stir to dissolve the salt.
2. And gradually began to pour the flour while stirring.
3. When the dough was thick, I had laid out on the table and knead to a dense state.
4. Divide it into three parts. Every part of the roll into a bun.
5. left on the table, covered with a cloth (a prescription for 20-30 minutes).
And she took the stuffing.

6. The meat and little fat, I chop.
7. Add the chopped onion and the rest and mix.

Formation of a layered samsa:
8. took one loaf and mix with a little. Sprinkle the table with starch.
The dough should be rolled out on starch! (I do not know why … But it turns out the dough is smooth and gentle!)
Roll out thinly (a prescription should have 2-3 mm).
9. Melt butter (fat is not found), gave him a little cool
And smear a thin (!) Layer of dough.
10. leave it to dry out and went to another table to roll out a second layer of dough, preferably of the same diameter.
11. Roll out the wound on the rolling pin and moved to the first layer of dough. Just smear it thinly oil.
12. Roll out a third layer, suffered (if the diameter of the upper layer is less than the lower one, you can just pull the dough arms) and greased.
Before the top layer of dough stack, giving the oil from the lower reservoir to freeze!
13. As oil is frozen, begin to twist roll.
Start with the middle and tightly-tightly twist the entire length of the roll.
The ends of the still dense not work because of a circular shape formation. Rectangular spun layer would be better.
14. Start cutting from the middle of a sharp knife slices 1.5 cm thick.
15. Then we find the edge of the dough, a little unrolling
and placed on a slice (it will stick together layers together so they will not have spread).
16. Now, on top of a rolling pin gently begin to roll out the cake.
Before rolling, the pieces can be put into the freezer for 10-15 minutes. The pieces will be hard (by oil) and is very easy to roll without flour or starch. If roll on the back side, then the edges will be too layers.

Mid strongly not unroll, only slightly more attention to the edges — they should be thinner than the middle.

17. We spread the stuffing (1 tablespoon) to the other side, we rolled.
18. zaschipyvaem triangle.
19. Spread on a baking sheet, the laid paper baking dish, seam side down. Egg (or something else) is not necessary to grease! Otherwise, the egg will flood layers and they are no longer such clear.
20. I bake at 200-220 C for 40 minutes. But about 15-20 minutes before the end of baking, I still could not stand it and slightly greased their yolk diluted with water. Since the rolls have swelled, covered with a crust, and I ventured to lubricate them to color was appetizing, ruddy …
21. The ready samsa out onto a plate, it is possible to cover with a napkin.
If you eat them right away, they are very much crispy … But if a little lie down and become softer. But on top of still crackles and inside gently from the juice.
Samsa we all liked! This is delicious!

Bon Appetit!

A layered samsa

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